Sr. High Age

Graded Curriculum for Sr. High (9th – 12th Grade)

Yearly Plan:  Our Mission Center has created a plan for providing “Graded Curriculum” for use for Sunday School (or for use by parents “in the home”) for Preschool – Sr. High ages.  For “biblical literacy,” this plan is suggesting the use of the Colaborate materials (Methodist) for the months of September – May.  For “Community of Christ” instruction (Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Church History, and “what it means to be a member of Community of Christ”), lessons are being created by our Mission Center Curriculum Writers (Frances Cantrell – Preschool, Alison Sherer – Primary, Julie Bover – Junior, Anna Peters – Jr. High, Jennifer Ettinger – Sr. High) for the months of June – August.

Winter Quarter (December 2017 – February 2018)

We are suggesting using Colaborate materials (Methodist) for our graded curriculum for Sr. High age (9th – 12th grade).  For the 13 weeks of the “Winter Quarter” (December 2017 – February 2018), go to to order the following:

Sr. High Age:  After going to the Colaborate link above, purchase Colaborate: Bible Study Leader Guide New Testament – one copy for the Teacher, Colaborate: Bible Study DVD New Testament – one copy for the Teacher, and Colaborate: Bible Study Student Handbook New Testament – a copy for every student.  When you “click” on each of these suggested materials and add it to a “cart,” it will give you the option to “continue shopping” or “checkout” – when you finally “check out,” you will create your own account that you can go back to for future purchases.  (Note:  The purchase of these materials will last for several quarters of lessons, not just this Winter 2017-18 quarter.)

“Supplemental Helps” for all Ages:  One of our Mission Center Curriculum Writers (Jennifer Ettinger – Sr. High) has created “Supplemental Helps Lessons” to assist you in using the Colaborate materials.  The Winter 2017-18 quarter materials (December 2017 – February 2018) are available for “download” below.  Note:  You need to use these downloadable lessons to use the “Colaborate” materials!

We would appreciate any feedback you would be willing to offer to improve our Graded Curriculum project.  Just email with any of your comments – thank you!